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Temiz Futbol isteyen Trabzonspor taraftarları Mehmet Aslan'ın köşe yazısının İngilizce metnini UEFA'ya gönderiyor

Adalet İçin Hareket Zamanı

Temiz Futbol isteyen Trabzonspor taraftarları Mehmet Aslan'ın köşe yazısının İngilizce metnini UEFA'ya gönderiyor

11 Eylül 2012 Salı 23:39
Adalet İçin Hareket Zamanı

Temiz futbol isteyen Trabzonspor taraftarları yeni bir Mail organizasyonu başlattı

Hürriyet gazetesi yazarı Mehmet Aslan'ın yazısı yeni bir tartışma yarattı. Temiz futbol isteyen taraftarlar bu yazıyı ingilizceye tercüme ettirerek ilgili yerlere göndermeye başladı.

Gazeteci Mehmet Aslan’a bir  TFF Yöneticisinin Şike davası ile ilgili anlattıklarını kaleme aldığı  köşe yazısı  infial uyandırdı.

Trabzonspor taraftarları yazının İngilizce tercümesini yaparak UEFA,  FİFA ve diğer ilgili birimlere mail atmaya başladı




Turkish public opinion is asking for explanation to the following questions: Has there been a bargaining/negotiation process with UEFA? Has Platini made promise to Turkish Prime Minister? Has the Prime Minister influenced the process? Won’t UEFA impose any sanction?


The UEFA President Mr. Platini has declared as of 22 March to Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Erdogan “I can do one thing for you; I would explain my thoughts to our Disciplinary Committee, if need be.” according to Mehmet Aslan – the columnist of Hürriyet Newspaper-.




Mr.Prime Minister, I do “1” thing for you


Date: 22 March 2012… Location:

Prime Ministry Liaison Office, in Dolmabahce-ISTANBUL

Subject: Match Fixing case


Before the meeting, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan asks Turkish Football Federation’s (TFF) executives : “Is there anything that affected the game?” TFF’s executives replied “NO”. Erdogan declared, “The individuals shall be separated from the clubs.”


Prime Minister Erdogan shares such point of view with Mr.Michel PLATINI in a private meeting. Firstly, UEFA President Platini argues about UEFA regulations and then he makes a promise that labelled the entire disciplinary process:


“I agree with you. I am not able to modify current regulations on that special topic but I may do one thing for you.. I would explain my thoughts to our Disciplinary Committee, if need be.”


-FLASHBACK- We’re in an airplane for Istanbul- Amsterdam flight. We took off from the Sabiha Gokcen International Airport for World Cup Qualifying Round of Turkish National Team.


In the first match, we will play against Netherlands to be a part of World Cup 2014.


On one hand, excitement of the game…


On the other hand, TFF’s executives that we flew together to Amsterdam.


And questions mulling over my mind…


Questions… Questions…


Turkey is seeking to participate the World Cup Finals…


However; not far from this moment, 6 months ago, we have been discussing whether “Turkish football will be excluded from European games and punished”.


- How did Turkish Football come through match fixing process without any punishment?


I discussed this critical question with an executive of Turkish Football Federation (since I have not taken his consent, I am not allowed to disclose his name)


I asked, and he replied…


I will write his explanations word by word. Let’s see, what will you think?


The Critical Question From Erdogan


The most renowned statement of match-fixing process is the expression of Prime Minister Erdogan:


- "Seperate individuals and clubs. Don't punish clubs because of crimes committed by individuals."


Erdogan had a meeting with TFF officials before expressing these words. He asked: "Have these actions (match-fixing) affect the game or not?"


When he received the answer "No"; he stated these words; "Clubs shall absolutely not be punished because of crimes committed by individuals."


This statement became a new roadmap for TFF in that process.


Michel Platini exerts his authority


There is also another side of this statement, the UEFA side.


Erdogan used same expression to Michel Platini in their meeting held in İstanbul. Just after that conversation, Platini said the following in his press conference: "I agree with Mr. Prime Minister. However, unfortunately we have regulations."


My source told me at that point an important detail that we have never seen before on the media:


-Platini said these words but he didn't say what he said to Erdogan. Platini said to Erdogan: " I share the same idea with you. I can't change regulations, but I can do one thing for you: EXPLAIN MY THOUGHT ON THAT TO THE DISIPLINARY COMMITEE."


They could not sacrifice Turkey


Then, I say to my source, an allegation which has never drop off the headline of the bush telegraph:


- There are rumours stating that Turkey transferred money to UEFA and came through the match-fixing process.

- These are disgraceful allegations. Let me explain briefly why the decision has been taken:


1. UEFA could not sacrifice Turkey. Because we are a strong football country.

2. Mr. Prime Minister is a very important statesman. In return, Platini may be candidate for FIFA Presidential elections.


- What will be the benefit of Platini?


- Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is able to reach any president of republic and prime minister requested by Platini. There cannot be any benefit bigger than this…


Article 58 did not pose any problem


The above mentioned meetings have been crucial to get rid of the match-fixing process.


However, UEFA and TFF have opposed each other time to time. Let’s have a look at that:


- You have modified Article 58 (the provision requiring the relegation of the club –attempting to fix the match- to a lower division). Has this been difficult?


- We have said the following to UEFA: “Turkish football is dying. The supporters are not coming to the stadiums, the sponsors are running away. If we cannot modify the said provision, the football will die in Turkey.”. They listened to these words and have not posed any problem.


- But, when Mehmet Ali Aydınlar was president of TFF, TFF has expressed a totally an opposite point of view.


- They have not posed any problem.


UEFA is disappointed


Infantino… UEFA General Secretary. The resisting figure of the match-fixing process.


Turkey had a great difficulty in convincing Infantino.


- They wanted us to take a decision. They were asking us to take a decision as soon as possible. We made that promise to UEFA. We said “We will immediately take a decision and we will remove the chaos.”


- Has he been convinced?


- We said “we will take a decision” but then we added “The match-fixing actions have not affected the game. We will separate the individuals and the clubs.”


- And you took the decision?


- Indeed, but we have timely informed UEFA minute-by-minute as to the process. However, I should add that: “UEFA WAS DEFINITELY EXPECTIING A SANCTION. I AM SURE THEY WERE DISAPPOINTED.”




The declaration of Mr. Erdogan as to the separation of individuals and clubs; and affirmative response of Platini were published at our newspaper on 23 March 2012. Now, we reached the details of the private meeting.


If Fenerbahçe had not withdrawn the lawsuit, they would have been sanctioned.


It souldn’t be that easy… On the other hand, there was a lawsuit filed by Fenerbahçe at CAS.


Let’s start with the lawsuit:


1. The lawsuit filed at CAS was very important.

2. If Fenerbahçe had not withdrawn that lawsuit, such a decision could have never been issued.


Now, let me tell you the reasons:


- It is not possible to expect a positive outcome, if UEFA and the General Secretary thereof are sued. The chance of Fenerbahçe to win that lawsuit was “ZERO”. In this respect, Fenerbahçe owes many thanks to Nihat Özdemir and Ali Koç, as well. As to this issue, I do not think that Aziz Yıldırım played a determining role.



They admire Şenes Erzik


My interlocutor was mentioning Şenes Erzik with praise:


- Mr. Erzik is a very very important figure. If he was not there, we could not make any progress.


- But he was going to be the president of the TFF.


- He did not, and it was far more better. Because we needed him at UEFA. Thanks to him, UEFA realised how strong or how weak we are.


- Was Şenes Erzik the one who convinced İnfantino too?


- I don't know that, but I know this; Infantino admires Mr. Erzik. For example Platini was very upset for the critiques about Şenes Erzik.


Mr. Aydınlar was stricken with panic


- What would you do if there was any decision against Fenerbahçe?


- We knew that the decision would be positive. If the decisions were the opposite, then we would have fought against it, till the end. We notified them.


- Then why Mr. Mehmet Ali Aydınlar didn't do the same thing?


- I don't know. But I think our Federation was in a panic at that period. And with that panic, we were in a hassle to take a decision. They presented us that UEFA is like an EVIL. As soon as we were in charge at the TFF, we already knew that match-fixing had not affected the game. We just defended that and I think they were also convinced.


There will be no sanction from now on


- You said that UEFA was expecting a sanction. Are they satisfied now?


- I can say they are convinced.


- Do you expect a sanction from UEFA from now on?


- I suppose there will not be any sanction from now on.







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